troyThe saying goes, “all things worth having take a while”, and true to word, this is a lesson Troy has learned. Music is an acquired taste. A good chef will tell you, “your food is as good as your seasoning”, likewise, in house music your sound is as good as your “seasoning”. Troy, born a few years after the emergence of house music, he had to find his choice of house that wets his pallet, what he’d consume and feed to others. Troy has been putting work into his craft, from collecting music, working the desks and like a germinating seed, he had to step out into the light and give us a taste of what he’s been building all these years. Looking at his release catalog, you’d not believe that he has been involved in the craft for about a decade now. His sound, though a bit more mature than his age, has indeed come of age. 

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LIM012 | V.A.