tension “A frog living in the well, is judging the extent of heaven by the edge of his well” Based on this chinese adage, William G. alias “Tension” always handled hismmusical influences and works to the exact opposite. Born in Lipsia (Germany) in 1988, he was interested in various styles of music already in his childhood. Inspired by the musical collection of his parents, he defined his roots in Rock, Metal and also nineties Soul and Hip Hop. By the first visites of local clubs and festivals, he discovered the electronic music scene and was fascinated by techno acts like Carl Craig, Jeff Mills or labels like Basic Channel, Perlon or even Ninja Tunes. Driven by the minimal Sounds of the millenium years, djing and producing weren’t far away. Based on this mixed influences he always creates a certain deepness in his music, trying to express feelings and experiences in his sounds and dj sets. Music for the mind.

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