Selection Box 2

LIMSB2The next release is the second volume of Selection Box compilation including new artists like Domestic Sciene with his track Galactic Love, Darbinyan or Stavros Doussis and others who have been released before, Addex with the track Hostile, Rory Cochrane featuring Sanna Hartfield which delivers the vocal track Focus, La Rose and a more club track from Maax 52 in a collaboration with Genuine, named Slam Dunk.

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Title: Selection Box 2
Artists: Addex, Domestic Science, Rory Cochrane feat. Sanna Hartfield, Maax 52 feat. Genuine, La Rose, Darbinyan, Stavros Doussis.
Cat Nr: LIMSB2

01/03/16beatport (2) 


1 Addex – Hostile (Original Mix)
2 Rory Cochrane, Sanna Hartfield – Focus (Original Mix)
3 Domestic Science – Galactic Love (Original Mix)
4 La Rose – Heart Of Me (Original Mix)
5 Darbinyan – Falling Dreams (Original Mix)
6 Maax 52, Genuine – Slam Dunk (Original Mix)
7 Stavros Doussis – Save Me (Original Mix)