Rory Cochrane feat. Sanna Hartfield – Focus (Part One)

LIM25After the original track has been released in the compilation Selection Box number 2, Focus will have two remixed releases on the label. This is the Part One and is having on remix board Dee Mac, Forteba and Addex wich besides his remix, provides a secondary chillout version. The Rory Cochrane and Sanna Hartfield collaboration is the first one on the label, while Rory has been involved before in a remix for a track by Maax 52 in September 2015. The Dee Mac and Forteba remixes are both driving and grooving, setting this number 25 release on a rhythm path..

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Title: Focus (Part One)
Artist: Rory Cochrane feat. Sanna Hartfield
Remixers: Dee Mac, Addex, Forteba
Cat Nr: LIM25

22/04/ 2016  beatport (2)